An Ounce of Eitr

The bar fight

(First session)
Our heroes found themselves on the main drag of Falconworth, the capital of Layela, the southern province of Gerberov. Across the street from them was the Yelling Pilgrim Pub. The tumultuous noise of a bar fight greeted them, starting with an “explosion” and silver rain of the glowing eitr bar sign above the entrance that had been smashed due to a poorly aimed bottle thrown through from inside window. After nonlethaly dealing with the drunk hooligans (both the 3 mildly racist human commoners and the angry half-orc fighter had to be subdued with bar-stools) the gang talked to the owner of the establishment, Content Not Found: Oranj. Oranj had called for the guards and gotten over his tears, and explains to the adventurers how grateful he is and how much he is willing to pay (100 gp) for an ounce of eitr, a rare substance that has now been sprinkled over his doorstep by the smashing of his sign. Without it, his business could dry up! The characters did not know anything about eitr, but determined to head to the Falconworth Library to find out.



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